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nelle pagine dell'archivio si ritrova la storia di
Italian Journal of Psychology and Internet - Psicologia Online
ma anche la storia della psicologia italiana e mondiale in rete
dal 1996 al 2000
(i link alle pagine web o alle immagini possono risultare datati e dunque errati)

lunedì 28 maggio 2007


Impressions of the onset of psychosis - produced by Thomas Cochrane Associates for the Scottish Mental Health Arts Charity The Twisty-Headed Man Company.

Scotland's leading mental health charity

SAMH, Scotland’s leading mental health charity, works to support people who experience mental health problems, homelessness, addictions and other forms of social exclusion. We provide direct services, including accommodation, support, employment and rehabilitation, and actively campaign to influence policy and improve care services in Scotland.

We aim to raise the expectations of the people who use services, those who deliver them and society as a whole. We want to make mental health everyone’s business, not just those who have some sort of personal interest, and set the standard for care services in Scotland, against which all other services are measured.

We are committed to the principles of recovery and user involvement. People with mental health problems have dreams and ambitions like everyone else and we believe in creating opportunities, strategies and support to make these become reality. We challenge stigma and discrimination and promote the fact that people can live well in the presence or absence of mental health or related problems, and continue to live active and productive lives.

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