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lunedì 16 luglio 2007

Literature Alive! in Second Life, e c'è anche l'Inferno di Dante Alighieri.

Hell needs a home
by Zak Carter
July 17, 2007
The Inferno, looking up

SUNSET BEACH - Literature Alive! in Second Life, a non-profit education group, is looking for a home for a full sim build that recreates Dante's Inferno and Gloria Naylor's novel, Linden Hills. It is currently hosted by the New Media Consortium at NMC 5 (

Literature Alive! in Second Life

The Literature Alive! Project is a component of LCCC’s Community College without Borders initiative that provides open access content through the Open SLedware Project to persons outside the college and offers resources to faculty at any educational institution. Literature Alive! is an academic project in Second Life aimed at collecting and distributing resources for the development of literary projects of collegiate worth in SL. It began in December 2006 as a voluntary effort and continues to exist on a voluntary basis under the Owner/Creator, Beth Ritter-Guth, (SL Desideria Stockton) and Standing Chairs: Eloise Pasteur, Laura Nicosia (SL LauraMaria Onomatopeia), Stephane Cuchi-Xamena (SL Neoznet Watts), and AJ Kelton (SL AJ Brooks).

At present, the Literature Alive! Project includes:

  1. The Literature Alive Headquarters
  2. The Literary Holodeck Project
  3. The Collaboration Station
  4. The DeSales Contemporary Fiction Classroom
  5. British Literature Classroom Series
  6. American Literature Classroom Series
  7. The Virtual Naylor Project
  8. Women and War Learning Community
  9. The Literature Web-Tree of Knowledge Project
  10. The Huck Finn Project
  11. Dante's Inferno Project

The Inferno comes to Second Life

Today, in Second Life Dante's Inferno opened for business as part of the Literature Alive! programme, and generously hosted by NMC.

I need to declare an interest here - I did the terraforming and built and textured the signs for the build, but if you want to see a whole sim changed into Hell for a week, please come and visit the Inferno and Linden Hills.

As part of learning about the Inferno we ask students, and visitors, to consider who they know from Real Life who might be a suitable candidate for each of the rings of hell and why. Some are easy, some are trickier - heresy isn't quite as important now as in Dante's day, but feel free to come and have a go and nominate your least favourite people for a spot in Hell.

If you happen to be a generous sponsor, and have a sim to spare (a void sim will work, it's a matter of space, not prims), please contact me, we'd love to have a medium term to permanent home for the Inferno.

The picture isn't photoshopped - we did briefly have an angel flying around the circles of Hell exploring, and I was lucky enough to get a picture.

You must be a registered guest of NMC to enter their sim(s). Search
for NMC under groups, choose NMC guests, and join.

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