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lunedì 5 maggio 2008

THE WALL proudly presented by The Cybernetic Art Research Project

The Cybernetic Art Research Project proudly presents...

** THE WALL **

On July 21 1990, nine months after the dismantlement of the Berlin Wall, Roger Waters and an all-star cast performed "The Wall" at the Potzdamer Platz in Berlin. The performance was watched by a live audience of 250,000 and an estimated half-billion people on television…

And now, an international team of artists working with the Cybernetic Art Research Project (CARP) bring a unique vision and live performance of "The Wall" to Second Life ™...

All five performances at the previous venue filled the sim and it became necessary to move the show to a bigger venue. Today we are pleased to announce that "The Wall" will be performed...

at the 4-sim Tracer Amphitheatre @ Havens Paradise

“Mother, should I trust the government?”

The CARP Wall Team:

Creative Director: Debbie Trilling (UK)
Producer: Velazquez ‘The Global Wizard’ Bonetto (Germany)
Wall Design: Elfod Nemeth (UK)
Giant Animated Puppets: Duggy Bing (US)
Costumes & Animations: Caravaggio Bonetto (Austria)
Music: Junivers Stockholm (Sweden) & Josina Burgess (Holland)
Machinema: Eifachfilm Vacirca (Switzerland)

with valuable contributions from:

Scio Kamanchi (US)
Gypsy Paz (US)
Lyddyn Tzara (US)
Celeste Moonlight (US)
DJ Jenns (UK)
Adec Alexandria (UK)
George W Bush (US)

and, of course, Pink Floyd's incredible album 'The Wall'

For press release photographs or any further information, please IM Debbie Trilling

‘A massive, magical hit. An unforgettable, enchanting triumph, "THE WALL" dazzles the senses and touches the heart.’

‘Packed with shocks, sorcery, special effects and incredible costumes, "THE WALL" is an SL sensation.’

'A great big luscious SL musical extravaganza. "THE WALL" has taken SL by surprise and will be a hit musical. Powerful and subversive. It's a fabulous production.'

"An incredible technical feat to have achieved all this within SL"

"The best live performance ever to be staged in SL"

"Sets a new benchmark for live performances in SL"

"Amazing. Not so much viewed as it is experienced"

"All I can say is WOW. GREAT show"

Useful links:

Selection of performance photos:
Cybernetic Art Research Project:
Recent CARP ventures:
Debbie Trilling wiki:
Debbie Trilling SL profile:
Velazquez Bonetto SL profile:

Special Notes:

All facelights and other vanity lighting systems are strictly prohibited from the venue. Please see article "How to Ruin an Artists Work Using Facelights & Prim Lighting" for more information:

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