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giovedì 8 maggio 2008

Tibet situation update, from The Office of Tibet, London

Tibet situation update and please check

This is to inform you that because of the overwhelming workload we are unable to update our website on a regular basis. We would therefore like to request you that for updates on the current situation in Tibet please check our CTA website

We would like to take this opportunity to Thank everyone in the UK and other parts of the world for all their show of concern and support for the just cause of Tibet and the Tibetan people, who despite all the risks to their lives under the Chinese rule have shown to the world in the past few weeks how much they regard His Holiness the Dalai Lama and cherish freedoms that people in the free world take for granted. We appreciate the support we have received also from many Chinese people and have seen that through better awareness and information more and more Chinese are showing great respect to His Holiness and also admire his non-violent Middle Way Approach to resolve the Tibet issue that takes into consideration the long-term stability and interest of both the Tibetan and Chinese peoples. We hope that just like these enlightened Chinese, the current Chinese leadership will also have the courage and wisdom to respond positively to His Holiness the Dalai Lama's peaceful initiatives, which will only help to improve China's own international image and standing in the world.

The Tibetan people, like the rest of the world and the Chinese people also want happiness and do not want suffering.

We hope the international community, lead by the UN, and all the major countries will give due importance to human lives instead of to temporary economic gains when dealing with China. If the current trend of many countries bowing down to China's pressure continues then we fear for the future of humanity as a whole. What is happening in Tibet is not "an internal affair of China"; it is a part of the global problem.

Even the former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in her autobiography has said, "China claim to Tibet is dubious on historical grounds", and she has expressed fear for the survival of the Tibetan people and their culture as a result of the massive influx of Chinese settlers in Tibet.

Time is running out for Tibet and the Tibetan people. In view of the present crisis in Tibet, we urgently appeal to the UN and the International community to:

  1. Immediately dispatch independent fact finding delegations to Tibet to let the world know the truth;

  2. Immediately persuade China to allow free press to visit and cover the whole of Tibet;

  3. Immediately urge China to end the brutal killings in the whole of Tibet;

  4. Immediately urge China to release all the Tibetans arrested and imprisoned;

  5. Immediately urge China to allow international medical teams, such as Red Cross and Medicines Sans Frontiers to take care of injured Tibetans, who are too scared to visit hospitals for fear of being arrested;

  6. Immediately urge China to allow free movement of people and provide access to daily needs, such as food and water.

For more information please visit the Tibetan Solidarity Committee website

We pray for peace in Tibet and the world.

In haste,

The Office of Tibet, London

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