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mercoledì 19 marzo 2008

“Shoot to kill” orders in Tibet

“Shoot to kill” orders in Tibet

While the world sleeps, reports overnight that Chinese troops have been given a “shoot to kill” order after the passing of the midnight deadline for protesters to surrender…..


To sign the worldwide petition (150,00 signatures so far) asking the Chinese authorities to stop the violence go to:

To view video of the demonstrations in Tibet to go:

Some of the latest pictures out of Tibet, supplied by Students For A Free Tibet, can be seen on SL SHOUTS! land in Chapala (LM at the end of this Note)

WARNING: These pictures are confronting and very disturbing. They show dead Tibetan protestors.
They are displayed on the south-east corner of the land.

March 19th: Twenty Tibetans were reported dead following a crackdown in the Tibetan province of Amdo by Chinese authorities. Nine of the dead have been confirmed and identified so far:
1. Tashi (27yr old male from Lhade Gongma)
2. Tsezin Totsang (32yr old male from Thechung)
3. Atisha Gangwatsand (male from Denshu Village)
4. Lhundup Tsomo Jigjetsand (17yr old student from Ngoshu Village
5. Norbu Phurwagoen (15yr old male student from Shanglung Village)
6. Butrang Dhargyetsang (female)
7. A monk from Zamthang
8. Sangay (18yr old male from Raro Village)
9. Gyamtso Beize

Here are a few additional links:

We’re checking these organizations websites regularly to get updates and read the latest:

Tibetan Centre for Human Rights & Democracy in Dharamsala, India, Students for a Free Tibet, and their regularly updated blog and the International Campaign for Tibet, which has a very comprehensive list of Tibet-related links and resources. Additionally, we’re always looking at the Tibetan People’s Uprising Movement’s website, a new coordinated Tibetan resistance effort led by five Tibetan organizations in the lead up to the 2008 Beijing Olympics. You can watch their campaign video here. For online press, you may wish to look at The Times and the Chinese government site, Xinhua.

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