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ma anche la storia della psicologia italiana e mondiale in rete
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lunedì 31 marzo 2008

LACANIAN INK 31 - Sacrosanct Depression

from lacan dot com

Josefina Ayerza
To resume again...

Jacques-Alain Miller

Jacques-Alain Miller
Philippe Sollers, un vrai roman

Alain Badiou
A Political Variant on the Physics of the Subject-of-Truth

Alain Badiou
What is to Live?

Marco Focchi
A Spectacular Health

Jacques-Alain Miller
A Reading of the Seminar From an Other to the other III

Jean-Luc Nancy
Freud, so to Speak...

Slavoj Zizek
Eugene Onegin, a Russian Gay Gentleman

Josefina Ayerza and Cathy Lebowitz
Luis Gispert, Shirin Neshat, Dawn Mellor

Alain Badiou
Of What is Sarkozy the Name?
Thomas Svolos
Ordinary Psychosis

Cover Art
Luis Gispert

Liz Wendelbo, Andreas Diefenbach

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