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sabato 26 aprile 2008

Please Join the Debate proposed by Sexual Health SIM in Second Life


A Sexual Health SIM in Second Life® (University of Plymouth)

-=- Web log about the Second Life University of Plymouth project entitled “A ‘Sexual Health’ Public Education and Outreach SIM in Second Life” - Maged N Kamel Boulos and Susan Toth-Cohen -=-

Please join the debate!

I have posted two new personal thoughts / opinion snippets at under ‘Thoughts / opinion’. Please read them and post your comments here.

April 2008:
Why 3D?
Web conferencing: 2D vs. 3D (or both), or ‘Why conduct events and meetings in Second Life?’

Previous snippet–July 2007:
Comparing the 2D Web to 3D multi-user, immersive virtual worlds

You can look here, in Second Life, at the ground level of Maps for Health, Elegua (201, 121, 22) a proposed video

MPK20 Interview Video Screenshot
MP4, 10:34


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