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martedì 15 luglio 2008

Openlife Founders and Ethics in Opensource Grids (vs Lindens) and my Openlife Feed-Back

I just posted this message here:

Hello, I was an Openlife Founder, since 02/15/2008, at least untill this yesterday message, I got from

Your user account at Openlife Grid has been recently updated to restrict access to the following Openlife Role:

Role: Foundation Resident
Description: Openlife Foundation Resident Subscription.
These residents are Pioneers of the Openlife Grid owning a region of the mainland in the Foundation Resident Land Release.

Thank you, we appreciate your support...
Openlife Grid

What does it mean? I asked...

You probably received this email, as you are no longer hold a region in world. So it takes your Foundation Resident Status away...

That was the answer.

It's true! One month ago I paid my last 75$ (90+45+75 = 210$, now for a little, very little more, you become a true founder - for the same period !)

and I ABANDONED my region, Coffee/Campanella.

Yes, so, I didn't rent it, I didn't sell it. I consider myself someone that wanted to contribute to the foundation of an opensource grid, so...

My feed-back: Months of silence

About the big promises of the beguinning, about a lot of very good intentions expressed in so many posts on this forums (on how to use the grid, on how to share experiences, on how to let people walk, run, fly, sail too, from region to region), about the continuously updating of the servers, the web server included, (btw I tried 3 times to login here, today, before to success)

so about, also, how, when, and where to pay tiers!

No more mails, as at the beguinning, just some messages somewhere, or in the chat.


no mind if the grid was down, expecially when you'd like to show it to friends you spammed about in forums, blogs and emails (meantime, Lindens travel from LL to IBM opensource grid, maybe have they to book their visit some weeks before?)

no mind if, as a founder, I contributed, as many, many, many other to buy expensive hardware and pay hours and hours of (silent) work of the

no mind if also when I wrote about my difficulty to continue to support this grid that silent way, I didn't got any answer

no mind it the same happened when I decided to definitely abandon my region

no mind if now the same region is sold for a very smaller amount, and tiers too are smaller than before

no mind of a lot of other little details

No mind.

But, the meaning of the word founder (I'm not anglophone, but I have some dictionaries) should be 'a guy that contributed to found, at the beguinning, now and later in the future - the time is past)

So, what minds is that I'm very hurted that a short message can delete me as .. such!

If this is the ethics of an opensource grid, I'm very sorry that this could happen. Since I still believe to the strong role of the Open Source (and LL too, as everyone can read on their blogs :D )


my feed-back is of a great enthusiasm, I found here, a great respect for the creator and owner, and, also, an increasing big flop

of all of this.

Maybe the business is very fine, increasing and ok.

I'm not interested on.

So, maybe it's also better that my foundership will be soon forgotten. For ME, I mean.

Well, good bye to all people here :))

(I'll post this message on my 2 readers blog, )

Forgive my poor English :)

Bye :))))))))

Just an update: I'm reading today, August 5, 2008

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