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nelle pagine dell'archivio si ritrova la storia di
Italian Journal of Psychology and Internet - Psicologia Online
ma anche la storia della psicologia italiana e mondiale in rete
dal 1996 al 2000
(i link alle pagine web o alle immagini possono risultare datati e dunque errati)

mercoledì 21 novembre 2007

International Clinical Summit 21 - 22 November 2007 ExCeL London

Novembre 21st, 2007


A live webcast of the keynote speeches will be broadcast here on the 21st of November from 14:20-19.00. You will also be able to download it here afterwards.

Second Life
For members of Second Life (the 3-D virtual world), the keynote speeches can also be viewed live on the 21 November, and you will be able to register your own opinions and meet and chat with the speakers online.If you’re new to Second Life, please read the instructions, check the system requirements and register at This
will direct you to download and run the Second Life viewer and takes you through a special 15 minute Orientation process in Second Life. At the
end of the Orientation, there will be a teleport point straight to the presentation area.

If you are already proficient in SL, go straight to the presentation area at … National Health Service/138/126/27


The overflow auditorium is at To take part in the text chat in the main auditorium, you will need to join the Second Health London group. This will be explained at the overflow auditorium.…

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