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domenica 26 luglio 2009

Rise To Power, The Art of Chuckmatrix Clip, at Beeehive Islands, in Second Life, August 1st, 2009

Rise To Power

The Art of Chuckmatrix Clip

At Beeehive Islands
August 1st, 2009
At 6 pm SLT
Featuring the music of
DJ Kilolo Jenkins

Rise To Power

Rise To Power


August 1, 2009

6pm SLT

At Beehive Islands

Rise to Power, The Art of Chuckmatrix Clip

26 luglio 2009

Welcome to the “Rise to Power” Exhibit brought to you by ::CMC:: Designs! This exhibit is named for the five

part series “Rise to Power” which lines the left hand side of the exhibit. But as you look around you may think,

“why in the world are these other pieces here? They don’t go together at all!” This seemingly discordant collection

of sculptures all have one thing in common…. POWER. Each section of this notecard explains the pieces and how

they fit in this exhibit

Section 1: The Rise to Power Series
The “Rise to Power” series tells a story similar to those in fantasy novels… the rise of a lowly wanderer to

a power he never wanted being bestowed upon him. In the first piece, “Wanderer” our hero walks a lonely path

relatively content in his place in life, but deep down wanting more. In “The Discovery” he comes upon a strange

glowing orb, and, intrigued he kneels to inspect it. In “Curiosity” he picks up the glowing orb, his curiosity

overpowering a slight fear of this strange thing. In “The Chosen One” the orb proves to be more than he ever

expected, a source of strength that chooses HIM as the one worthy enough to wield its power. And, finally, “Into

Battle” we see our hero, the once humble wanderer wielding a power greater than he ever imagined as he runs into

battle to protect his loved ones from the advance of dark forces.

Section 2: The Dark Predator
“The Dark Predator” is my attempt to depict a dragon in a different way from the others I have seen in SL.

Often sculptors build dragons in an over simplified way for the sake of keeping it low in prims. I’m taking a risk

here… This piece is rather prim heavy, but I have given it more detail than I have seen in almost any other

dragon statue in SL. He has muscle definition, and he has something others do not… TENSION. He isn’t just sitting

on a pedestal, he’s moving toward you, stalking you, ready to attack! He is the very essence of the power of the

dragon myth.

Section 3: Golgotha
“Golgotha” meaning ‘the place of the skull’ is the name of the hill on which Jesus of Nazareth was said to have

been crucified. This piece is not your typical sculpture that you would find on a standard crucifix. This is not

Christ after he has given up his soul and died on the cross. He still writhes, and screams in pain and despair to

the heavens. This piece depicts power on many levels, on one level it has a powerful emotional impact, on another

it depicts a power recognized by Christians worldwide… the power of Christ, of self sacrifice, and of God’s love.

In this piece I am not asking you to believe in anything… I am simply showing you a power in which SOME believe.

Section 4: Piéta
The “Piéta” based upon the famous sculpture by Michelangelo is the follow up piece to “Golgotha.” The

aftermath, for lack of a better word, of the crucifixion, this piece is meant to depict a different kind of power

in my eyes, than most people might think. It shows the power of grief and despair.

Section 5: Samson
“Samson” is a depiction of the biblical figure, as he collapses the temple down around the Philistines. This

piece, like Golgotha, is not meant as a religious piece per se. This piece shows the power of an incredible

physical strength, and of determination in the face of one’s own demise.
For those who have and will ask, this piece was inspired by the piece by starax of the same title. This is not

an attempt to copy his work, but rather remake it in my own way. starax’s “Samson” had a feeling of desperation and

weakness to it, which didn’t ring true to MY interpretation of the story, so I tried to sculpt it in a way that

infused it with strength and determination. From what I’ve heard, I was successful. My thanks go out to starax,

wherever he may be for the inspiration for this piece.

Section 6: Zakzakiel
“Zakzakiel” is not a made up name. It is the name of an angel of the 7th heaven who records good deeds. In this

piece I tried to depict a divine and majestic quality, by sculpting him with wings outstrectched, hovering, quietly

watchful. It is a sculpture of the power of divinity.

Section 7: God
I honestly cannot wait to hear the reactions to this piece. It seems so out of place among the others at first.

And I know that people, seeing it after the rest of the pieces, and reading it’s title will assume one thing. “This

of course is a sculpture of the Virgin Mary!” I’m sorry to dissappoint you, ladies and gentlemen, but it isn’t.

This is just a sculpture of a loving new mother, cradling her infant. “But… then why is it called ‘God’?” you

ask. This piece was inspired by a line from the movie The Crow, with Brandon Lee. In this movie he says a line that

has stayed with me since the first time I saw the movie… “‘Mother’ is the name of God on the lips of all

children.” So, this piece isn’t so much about the mother, but what the child sees in its mother, the power of a

mother’s love.

It is my hope that you enjoyed this show and found in each piece a kind of power, whether it was what I intended,

or something of your own interpretation!

• All pieces are for sale and are all copy/no mod/no trans.
• For a trans copy IM me directly or send me a notecard and I will give you a
no copy/no mod/trans version for the marked price plus L$100
• I’m sorry but I will not sell a modable version of any piece, but if you want small changes made to

the piece (like resizing it) that do not effect the integrity of the piece (like replacing a sword with a

sandwhich), I’d be willing to do it for a small fee.

My thanks go out to the people who made this show possible. My wife, my muse and my constant encouragement, Shaar

Ashbourne. Baby girl you give me a reason to be here and you constantly give me faith in myself when I have none.

Finn Zeddmore of Beehive Islands for your friendship, your support, and the rediculous prim counts I ask you to

grant me. Azadine Umarov of Diné Gallery and Godric’s Hollow for taking a chance on an artist who IMed you clear

out of the blue and giving him a space and more than he ever expected out of a gallery curator. DJ Lilith Parkin

for DJing my openings and breaking the light jazz stereotype of an art opening and giving me and the people who

come to my shows something to rock to. RAFTWET Jewell for guiding me toward this point in my SL art carreer, you

showed me a path I had not seen, and gave me so many tools and so much support to bring me here. And to all the

friends, acquaintances, and patrons who have supported me and followed my work. Thank you all from the bottom of my

heart for making this show possible!

The Ever Greatful,

Rise To Power, Beehive Islands!!, Beehive Islands (53, 111, 22)

Rise To Power, Beehive Islands!!, Beehive Islands (53, 111, 22)

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