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venerdì 12 settembre 2008

October 7h, 2008 Second Life Conference: Stepping into Health

The “Stepping into Health” Conference will take place on October 7th, 2008.

During this conference, we will talk about and actually visit some of the best and most creative work being done in promoting health and healthcare in a virtual world environment. It will be held entirely in the virtual world of Second Life.
During the conference, participants will:

Virtual Medical Center * Hear keynote presentations from Randy Hinrichs and Ramesh Ramloll(Moriz Gupte in Second Life).

Randy Hinrichs is a managing partner of 2b3d, a virtual world full service company that provides development and consulting services for Fortune 1000 corporations and world class educational institutions. Prior to founding 2b3d, Randy worked at Microsoft for over a decade in advanced strategies and policy exploring eScience and eHealth. He founded Microsoft Research’s learning science research efforts enabling 3D virtual worlds learning with MIT, multicast video conferencing for world leading universities, virtual laboratories and mobile and pen based learning platforms. He is currently developing the “Medipelago,” a series of healthcare-related virtual world environments.

Ramesh Ramloll is developer of Play2Train, a virtual training space in SecondLife designed to support Strategic National Stockpile (SNS), Simple Triage Rapid Transportation (START), Risk Communication and Incident Command System (ICS) Training. This virtual environment spreads over two islands, with one island dedicated to a virtual town and the other a virtual hospital.

* Walk through and learn about a variety of health-related sites in Second Life
* Participate in “Table Talks” on health-related topics of common interest with participants from around the world
* Take part in a panel discussion with a variety of leaders who are using virtual worlds to promote health and healthcare.

The cost of this day-long conference is only $79.00. To learn more about the conference,or to register, see the links at left.

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