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venerdì 12 settembre 2008


… Mapping the Health Cyberspace Using Hypermedia GIS and Clinical Codes

Welcome to

Help Us Evaluate HealthCyberMap

Online Evaluation Questionnaire
(The formative evaluation period has ended on 1st of June 2002, and evaluation data have been pooled and analysed.)

Current Research Pilot Interfaces

HealthCyberMap World Maps of Web Resources

HealthCyberMap BodyViewer Web Resource Maps

Browse HealthCyberMap by Resource Type/ Category (dc:Type)

Browse HealthCyberMap by Resource Language (dc:Language)

HealthCyberMap Semantic Subject Search

HealthCyberMap Textual Resource Index Using ICD-9-CM Top-Level Categories

Future Possibilities/ Interfaces

Multi-axial Classification of Resources Based on Two or More Dublin Core Elements

HealthCyberMap Customisation - Detecting User’s Location

Problem to Knowledge Linking Demonstration: ICD-9-CM Codes as Knowledge Hooks

Mapping Health Problems in HealthCyberMap and Identifying Information Needs and Gaps

Map of Dermatology

Web 2.0 and the 3D Web/Second Life

Under the Hood

HealthCyberMap Quick Tour (PowerPoint - zipped)

Related Presentation by the Author (PowerPoint)

On Quality Benchmarking of Online Resources (PowerPoint in PDF) and their Readability (PowerPoint)

HealthCyberMap Project Proposal/ Summary

Map Iconicity: HealthCyberMap Compared to Another Approach

HealthCyberMap in ESRI ArcView

HealthCyberMap in Protégé (Ontology)

Towards a Medical Semantic Web: HealthCyberMap Subject Search and Problem to Knowledge Linking (Using ICD-9-CM Codes)

Future Direction: HealthCyberMap as a Location-based Health Information Service (PowerPoint)

HealthCyberMap Real-time Broken Link Checker

Partial Bibliography/ Webliography


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PhD Research Project by Maged N Kamel Boulos
(PhD awarded in December 2002)
Centre for Measurement and Information in Medicine,
School of Informatics, City University, London, UK

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