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martedì 26 febbraio 2008

Tommaso Campanella in OpenLife Grid

Tommaso Campanella in OpenLife

Campanella OpenSim

Campanella OpenSim

Interview - Sakai Openlife (Openlife founder)

February 12, 2008

As we reported earlier this week, Openlife is a promising new alternative grid to Second Life. Its founder, Sakai Openlife (RL: Steve Sima) is based in Brisbane and we caught up with him via Openlife’s Live Chat for a discussion on everything Openlife.

Source: The Metaverse Journal


First a little background, I was invited as both the founder of the Openlife Grid and an active participant in the Opensimulator Project, to attend this event in Oulu, Finland.Not completely aware of what I was in for I can say before hand I was excited nonetheless but wasn’t prepared for what was to come. I think I could safely say what was presented pleasantly surprised and excited all that attended.I will try not to go too much into detail but provide pictures and videos with comment to help explain the event.Being from Australia -’Anything’ degrees is cold. Here you can see it really was cold on arrival… –>

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