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martedì 12 febbraio 2008

Nursing Simulation (NESIM ) and GeoGlobe HealthGeographic

You can find Panels with Teleports of Both at

Maps for Health Mappe per la Salute

NESIM Nursing Simulation

posted by Topher Zwiers on Cousins Pau
10 weeks, 1 day, 18 hours, 32 minutes, 30 seconds ago

I'm attending a SL Community College group meeting. The focus of the meeting is a demonstration of the NESIM nursing education simulation. There's a group of about 10-15 folks; we all teleported to NEWG for a demonstration by JS Vavoom. He teaches Nurs Emergency Room Simulator is based on industry standard simulations: METI and Laerdal. Jon indicates that it's a few hours of learning curve for SL engagement. Orientation of 54 learners to Second Life was a challenge. Interesting thing - they've "given Lindens to students" in addition to the orientation matierals. Once the patient lies on the table, the monitors turn on. Instructor and student have control over the system via the HUDs - patient/instructor and nurse/learner. With the patient on the table, Jon increased the oxygen via the tank. In this simulation, the patient reported and pointed to chest pains; as the instructor, Jon changed the heart rhythm, and as the student, he started an IV, administered a lidocaine in The simulation - patient responses to learner/nurse actions - is mostly controlled by the instructor; at some later point, there will be scenarios scripted with automated responses. With the two HUDs controlling the simulation, it becomes possible to hav website.
at: Cousins Pau (31, 24, 514)


One of the wonderful things about Second Life is that in many ways it works just like real life. Daden was working on the DataGlobe when its Second Life neighbour, Hayduke Ebisu (this is his Second Life name, and he is based in the USA), who is active in environmental issues in Second Life and real life, saw what the group was doing. He said that he had someone that Daden should meet. That person was Stephane Zugzwang (another Second Life name, and based in France). (Second Life is very much about social networking and collaboration [4]) Stephane had built a 'VR Room' in Second Life. This is similar to the 720 degree 'bubble photos' that are sometimes found on the Web, where one can pan and zoom in all directions. In the Second Life version, the photo is pasted onto the inside of a huge 20 m sphere, with the viewer's avatar standing inside and looking at the image all around her/him.We all saw the potential to combine DataGlobe and VR Rooms. The resulting system was christened GeoGlobe (Figure 10[26]). GeoGlobe again shares the same NewsGlobe engine; all that changes is the final display UI (user interface). When a feed is selected the "points" of the feed fly out from a generator at the centre of the hollow sphere and "stick" to the map on the sphere wall at their correct locations. GeoGlobe also allows users to display multiple datasets, each in a different colour.

Figure 10Figure 10

GeoGlobe in Second Life.

GeoGlobe received extensive blog coverage and can be seen at [27]. The technology has since been used by the Swedish Embassy in Second Life to display locations of Swedish Embassies around the world. Readers interested in using GeoGlobe for their own data are invited to contact Corro Moseley in Second Life.

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