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venerdì 28 dicembre 2007

SECRETS OF SL ACTIVISM (An Introduction to Event Organizing)

SECRETS OF SL ACTIVISM (An Introduction to Event Organizing)

A teach-in by Any1 Gynoid, Solidad Sugarbeet and other activists, who have organized numerous large discussions, Protest Actions, and Live Music mega-events attracting 700 to 1300 visitors each day for groups such as Drive-By-Agony and Lag-4-Peace.

8:30am Saturday 29 December 2007 - PLEASE JOIN US!!!

To give you a magic wand of knowledge that empowers you to organize awesome events!
To empower you to conduct outstanding meetings to organize events!
To empower you to plan and organize small, Medium, LARGE, and ***MONSTER*** events!
To cross-train you to play many critical roles for all kinds of events...

There are 3 course modules: Conducting Meetings, Essential Event Roles, and Monster Event Roles.
These modules introduce 12 organizer "roles". Playing a "role" involves executing a sequence of activities that you or a team can perform. Often you will play multiple roles.
In a nutshell... here are the roles this course can empower you to play while organizing events:

Module #1 - HOW TO CONDUCT EFFECTIVE ORGANIZER MEETINGS - Getting your organizers to consensus on event plans.
1. Facilitator Role - Organizing your organizers to plan and deliver a successful event.
2. Meeting Host Role - Assures active meeting participation and positive meeting experience.

Module #2 - ESSENTIAL ORGANIZER ROLES - The Mission Critical Roles You Need for Successful Events
3. Outreach Role - The create awareness and demand for your event.
4. Talent Role - To bring speakers and performers to your event.
5. Stream Role (Audio/Visual Tech) - To assure that the audio/visual experience is high quality and seamless.
6. Greeter Role - To grow participation and facilitate a positive participant experience.

Module # 3 - MONSTER EVENT ROLES - These are additional roles & teams that you may need for more complicated events, such as multi-site protest actions
7. Gizmos & Gimmes Role – Making and distributing objects for event participants, such as custom t-shirts, freebies, placards, posters, signs, educational notecards, and promotional materials.
8. Event Facilities Role - To prepare the venue appearance and fixtures for the event. To setup and give appropriate permissions (perms) to the participants, volunteers, leads, and performers.
9. Public Relations Role - To encourage the media to provide press coverage of the event, including using the media to create pre-event public awareness.
10. Communications Role - To establish primary and backup communications capabilities (inside and outside SL). To monitor and facilitate communications during events.
11. Logistics Role - To assure that people, objects, and resources are in the proper places at the proper times, including the capability to transport (e.g. LMs and Telepads).
12. Security Role - To manage aberrant participant behaviors that violate SL Community Standards and event policies.

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