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nelle pagine dell'archivio si ritrova la storia di
Italian Journal of Psychology and Internet - Psicologia Online
ma anche la storia della psicologia italiana e mondiale in rete
dal 1996 al 2000
(i link alle pagine web o alle immagini possono risultare datati e dunque errati)

venerdì 19 giugno 2009

Any Gynoid a SuperStar in Second Life

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Any Gynoid
Black Art — sim — Secondlife
Joined iReport:

ANY1 GYNOID – Charity Event Organizer, SL Show Dancer, SL Activist, SL Academic – ANY brings glamor, charisma, and je ne sais quoi to SL in her roles’ actively promoting SL Fine Arts, SL Entertainment, SL Political Activism, and SL Education. ANY is one of the core organizers for mega events in SL, including: Lag 4 Peace, Aloft NPC Launch, Keeping Kids Safe, and the grid-wide Human Rights Festival. ANY is on the faculty of New Citizens Inc, and teaches NCI: EVENT ORGANISING (How to Generate Fun!) and NCI: EVENT PARTICIPATION (How to Have Fun!) every Sunday at 6am SLT


Beth Odets and Dan – Fish Fry Bingo (Second Life)

18 ottobre 2008

Traditional Jewish music

06 luglio 2007


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