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mercoledì 26 novembre 2008

How to engage the students in learning, with the web 2.0 tools and in Second Life, by John Miller

Creating Engaging and Interactive Online Nursing, Medical, and other Courses

For my college courses, I use Articulate Presenter, Crossword Compiler, and Jeopardy to engage the students in learning with games, as well as to provide slides with audio. The web 2.0 tools besides a learning management system (Blackboard, Angel) include Google Calendar, Docs, Talk, Sites, Video Chat, Blogger,, Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, Skype, ooVoo, Camtasia and others.

The virtual world of Second Life is extensively used for constructivism activities using Archipelis and tools in world. Community in the online world is encouraged with avatar creation, in world classes, and field trips to events in Second Life. Animations are imported into Second Life with Poser, sounds with Audacity, and images with Gimp or Photoshop. Students interact with virtual patients, making critical decisions for assessment, communication and treatment. Support groups in Second Life are numerous and interaction with them is critical for understanding the complexities for those accessing the medical system with major and long term health issues. Virtual Ability and SL Healthy have more information about these activities.

My teaching career has spanned 27 years in nursing, with more than eight years teaching online. For five years I was the faculty trainer for all disciplines in online teaching at a college.

If you need assistance in creating interactive and engaging online courses for nursing, other medical areas, or other disciplines, contact me at

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