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mercoledì 17 ottobre 2007

Case Study … Member Statements That May Fix…. NEED UR ADVICE. From Any1 Gynoid to Caffe Freud

CONTENTS: Case Study + Member Statements That May Fix…. NEED UR ADVICE

CASE STUDY: There is an SL group where the 3 officers are openly hectoring each other in public…. Here is the current-state for this group…

* No ongoing meetings / programs, despite the fact that tons of relevant RL events are going on this season…
* No current leader (the leader quit SL)
* Infighting and Quarreling Among the Officers
- Vociferous and Public Griefing of Each Other
- Political gamesmanship instead of focusing on the org missions
* No written charters, no rules, no meeting/decision procedures… nothing… leaders are misleading members about these documents existence by refering them to a Wiki with no content
* Lots of potential for colloboration
- many many loosely affiliated and aligned organizations
- well informed, smart and committed members

MEMBER STATEMENTS: WILL THESE WORK? (statements that can be made to the group)

I am praying that this group can healed… that we will focus on the priorities of the Democratic Party of RL and address RL Political Issues… that peace, love, and harmony will reign here today, and we can move on. What will u guys do to make that possible?

At Democratic Party of SL, the vociferous hectoring, mistrust, and animosity is palpable. Excrutiatingly obvious. I am very very sorry that I ever reacted at that level; I love you guys and pray that we can move on. What will u guys do to fix this?

I am not here to waste your time discussing administrivia; we are here to promote the Democratic Party agenda invovling Political Issues e.g. Healthcare, Iraq, Environmental, to Get Out the Vote and support Democratic Candidates…. How will u guys do that in SL? What are ur guys plans and ideas?

I am only here to think and work constructively…. to organize programs, discussions, and exhibits to promote the Democratic Party of SL and RL, like the Healthcare Exhibit/Discussions we did together. So why cant u guys let me do that?

Organizing is difficult here in SL, it is tough to call together a quorum, produce quality handouts/materials, and facilitate constructive discussion. U guys have shut down all group notices; and prohibited all member-initiated meetings. What will u guys do to empower ur members?

By shutting down group notices and member-initiated meetings… Ur breaking the camel’s back. The friction is way too high to make any progress. Hope McAlpine and I can’t do anytthing 4 u. Given Democrats of SL history of no programs/activities in general (except what Hope, Pup, and I done)… What will u guys do to make progress possible?

Any1 Gynoid

Caffe’ Freud, Mimir’s Spring, Elegua

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